Warranty Service

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Warranty Service

We are proud to back our products with a Lifetime Limited Warranty and are ready to assist if something isn’t quite right.

Warranty Claim

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It the jamb plumb? (use a 4" or 6" level)(Required)
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Are the sill and sub-floor level?(Required)
Is the unit properly caulked?(Required)
Are the weep holes visible and free of debris?(Required)
Are 2 1/2” supplied screws installed?(Required)

If you answered no to any of the questions above, there are installation errors that need to be corrected before filing a claim.
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Max. file size: 128 MB.

    Warranty FAQ

    Where is the serial number on my window?2022-06-30T12:09:18-05:00

    Each window has an individual serial number that correlates to the sizing, options and components of that specific window which will be formatted as either 99-15423-01 or K15274-01. On double hung windows, this will be located on the inside of the top frame. Other styles of windows may have the number on a label affixed to the sash.

    I need parts or service to repair my window or patio door. Where do I go?2022-12-13T16:13:38-05:00

    Please contact warranty@vinylmax.com for service or repair parts.

    Vinylmax Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Vinylmax boasts one of the strongest warranties in the window industry!

    Warranty Transfer Request

    Use this form to request a Vinylmax warranty transfer.

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