Our Process

Modern homes for modern families require windows designed to aesthetically and efficiently complement them. At Vinylmax, we utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to produce both energy efficient windows and patio doors with features and accessories with today’s family in mind.


Our customized manufacturing software integrates throughout our entire process – from order entry, to manufacturing, to shipping.


We have 2 high speed glass lines where we manufacture our own insulated glass units, featuring a digitally managed glass cutting table that processes large sheets of float glass into custom sized lites with minimal handling.


Automated saws perform flawless compound cuts to the 1/32″, ensuring stronger corner joints. Our four point fusion welders precisely align corners for perfectly sized frames and sashes. Finally, our CNC corner cleaning equipment cleans the weld bead with a consistent shadow grooved miter for a tidy appearance.


Our digital workstations highlight the unique features of each custom window that leaves our facility. Our quality control finishing process requires a thorough inspection of each window to ensure consistent quality and accuracy.


Dozens of shipping trucks leave the Vinylmax docks on a weekly basis. Our barcoding process ensures the windows are loaded on the correct trucks in the correct order, every time.


We have a dedicated team of customer service representatives available to assist customers and homeowners through every step of the process.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

With a new baby in the house, we wanted to make sure the nursery was draft-free. We didn’t expect how quiet the house would be with our new Vinylmax windows. What a nice surprise!

Steve Parker & Lindsay Johns, Boulder, CO

Family is really important to us. When we found that Vinylmax was a family business, we took a look at their stuff. It’s great to know there are still companies who value family like we do. And their windows are really high quality. All our windows were replaced in one day. No mess. It was great!

Karen Lopez & Family, Paducah, KY

Replacing 70 year old casements is a challenge, but it had to be done. We couldn’t even open those old things. Prestige casements operate so smoothly, and we know the hardware has a lifetime guarantee. Thank you, Vinylmax.

Brenda & Marty Robins, Kansas City, MO

Our house isn’t even that old, but the builder used really cheap windows. Vinylmax windows were a great value with IntelliGlass.

The Suczynsky Family, Lower Burrell, PA

I hate leaving my wife when I travel. Knowing that Vinylmax builds their windows with extra safety locks means there’s one less thing for me to worry about.

SSgt H. Wattersly, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio

We got our January heating bill and decided not to wait for the next bill to come. We had our Easton windows installed two weeks later, in the middle of a snow storm. Our February bill was $78 less, and that wasn’t even a full month with the new windows. We are so happy that we didn’t wait until spring!

The Atkinsons, Baraboo, WI