Required Maintenance for Vinylmax Windows

We are certain that your new Vinylmax windows will add the beauty to your home that you expected and the comfort to your living area that you wanted, and that they will perform well for many years. To ensure that comfort, we recommend the following periodic maintenance.

Steps to Add a Lifetime of Beauty

1. Use a vacuum to keep sill track of windows and doors clean of dirt and debris so water can flow freely to outside

2. Use a small bottle brush to keep weep holes and their covers free of obstructions, allowing water to flow uninhibited

3. Inspect outside caulking around windows regularly and replace caulk, when necessary, with a high-quality caulk suitable for windows and doors

4. Check weather-stripping around operable window and door panels to ensure even seal and repair if necessary

5. Determine the source of any moisture around your windows and stop its entry and accumulation

6. Immediately dry any areas around your windows that are wet (immediate action is necessary to mitigate any damage to your home). A dehumidifier, fan, or any warm air source will help dry out the effected area

7. Maintain relative humidity at moderate levels to prevent condensation and mold growth

8. Lubricate all window tracks, moving hardware components, and rollers annually with a silicon based lubricant.
NOTE: If you live in an area with high-salt air, we recommend more frequent cleaning and lubricating