High Pointe

Superior construction and durability perfect for a lively home and a lovely view.


  • Attractive modern handle set is ergonomic for easy operation while maintaining a complimentary and elegant appearance.

  • The keyed lockset offers greater security and peace of mind when away.

  • Internal hardware utilizes multiple points of engagement including an anti-slam mechanism to prevent damage to the door.

  • Operating panels glide on a unique monorail system for smooth and effortless use.

  • Available in dual or triple paned configurations with tempered glass for ultimate energy performance while maximizing safety.

  • Heavy-Duty extruded aluminum sliding screen glides on multiple rollers and utilizes UltraVue mesh for a lifetime of trouble-free use.

  • The High Pointe’s Low-profile threshold makes passage in and out a simple affair.
  • Multiple rows of weather stripping combined with fully interlocking panels keep your home secure and free from drafts or leaks.
  • 6” multi-chambered PVC mainframe combines structural integrity with maintenance-free efficiency.
  • Panels are steel-reinforced vertically and will never warp or bow.
  • Each door is field reversible allowing flexibility during installation.
  • Vinylmax’s limited lifetime warranty covers everything from hardware to screen for as long as you own your home.
  • Blinds between the glass eliminate the need for dusting and won’t get damaged by foot traffic.  Only available on the 6068 white model.
  • Secondary toe lock provides additional security when engaged.
  • Dual and Triple pane glass options for maximum efficiency in any climate.
  • 13 Decorative Exterior Paint Color Finishes
  • Tempered and STC rated glass
  • Designer hardware finished for an upgraded look.

Window Styles

2 Panel door

Fixed panel


Color Choices



Laminated Exteriors

White Interior / Bronze Exterior

IntelliGlass Packages

The needs of every home are different and with our specialized glass packages you can find the perfect fit for your home and budget. We offer both dual and triple pane glass options and can meet the EPA’s stringent ENERGY STAR® criteria for any geographic location. 

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Ideal for southern and south central climates
Glass Panes: 2
Low-E Surfaces: 1
Airspace Filling: Argon
Ideal for southern and south central climates
Glass Panes: 3
Low-E Surfaces: 1
Airspace Filling: Argon


Modern handle set included keyed lock and is color matched




Blinds between the glass

No more dusting or damaged blinds. By choosing our optional blinds, you take control of privacy, security, and daylight. Fingertip adjustment effortlessly operates tilt, raise and lower operations. Sturdy aluminum blinds are sealed between two panes of Low-E tempered glass. Blind are covered by 10-year warranty against material and operational defects.

Grid Pattern

Available in multiple profile and configurations, grid patterns are designed to further showcase your home’s architectural style. Additional decorative options are available, including simulated divided lites.





Double Perimeter


Grid Profile

Profiles give the stylistic appearance of individual glass panes and are offered in multiple colors and styles.

Profile Material

Flat (white & tan only) 5/8″

Georgian (color matched, interior/exterior) 3/4″

Pencil Pewter 3/16″