Vinylmax Acquires Thermolock


Acquisition to Add to Replacement Window Product Line On March 18, 2013 we announced the purchase of Thermolock Mfg, LLC, a producer of vinyl replacement windows.

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Jim Doerger Passes Helm to Second Generation


Jim Doerger Passes Helm to Daughter, Laura Doerger-Roberts On January 1, 2011 we shifted leadership roles in our organization. Founder and CEO Jim Doerger passed his duties as CEO to his children while he transitioned to the role of  Board Chairman. Laura Doerger Roberts took on the role of President while Craig and Dave Doerger assumed roles as Vice Presidents.

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Growth Demands New Manufacturing Facility


Vinylmax Builds Custom Manufacturing Facility Unprecedented demand for high quality products, and our industry leading quick delivery time lead us to build our current state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hamilton, Ohio in 2008. This custom facility was designed and built for efficient production of thousands of high-end replacement windows each shift. From receiving material, to cutting glass, to building screens, all the way to delivery, every part of our process has been optimized for quality and consistency. Distribution Expands With a 400% increase in capacity, our distribution expanded from 18 states to nationwide. To support our growing distribution network, [...]

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Vinylmax Moves to New 100,000 SF Facility


New Modern Facility for Vinylmax In 1998, Vinylmax moved into a 100,000 square foot modern facility to continue providing window solutions to its customers well into the new millennium. This move included significant investments in the latest in automated equipment to ensure the delivery of quality products in the fastest time possible. Several satellite distribution facilities with production overflow capabilities were established to ensure consistent quality and delivery.

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Vinylmax Offers 5 Day Delivery Program


Industry Leader in Delivery In 1991 we took a step that launch us to the forefront of the industry in delivery time by implementing a 5 day delivery time. To implement this leading delivery time, changes were made to our factory lines in communication, technology, and training to streamline our processes. The introduction of the 5 day program brought us unparalleled growth and made us the leader in the industry for product delivery.

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How We Got Started


Founded in 1982. Jim Doerger founded Enco Industries with the vision of providing quality products with a lightning-quick turnaround. With a team of 5 and an industry leading two week delivery time, the company quickly grew. Enco Industries manufactured thermally broken aluminum windows, and after 2 short years introduced one of the first vinyl windows to the industry in 1984. First Vinyl Window Manufactured in 1984. Our staff quickly grew from 5 to 17, including a few underage Doerger kids, with a 50 window per day capacity. In a 9,000 square foot manufacturing space, our windows were [...]

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