Vinylmax LLC, a family owned business, was started in 1982 on the belief that providing quality products in a timely fashion would result in great success in the replacement window industry.

In the very beginning, starting with only five people, Vinylmax grew rapidly with its quality products, and an industry leading two-week delivery. As the company expanded to its current employment of hundreds of people, Vinylmax’s commitment to the principles of quality, delivery and service remained strong and was continuously renewed with fresh and innovative ideas.

During these growth years, Vinylmax has always maintained an inventive spirit. From starting out as one of the first users of “warm edge” technology to providing one of the first injected foam filled windows, Vinylmax has constantly upgraded products through technology, and today offers the most technologically advanced replacement windows on the market.

In 1991, Vinylmax took a giant step in innovation by offering a five day delivery program. The program brought the company unparalleled growth in 1991 and made Vinylmax the “LEADER” of the industry in delivery to its customers.
Innovation, delivery, and introduction of new products provide Vinylmax dealers with products and service to maximize their profitability and growth objectives.

In 1998, Vinylmax moved into a 100,000 square foot modern facility to continue providing window solutions to its customers well into the new millennium. This move included significant investments in the latest in automated equipment to insure the delivery of quality products in the fastest time possible.  Several satellite distribution facilities with production overflow capabilities ensure consistent quality and delivery.

In 2006, Vinylmax significantly expanded its product offering by introducing the Sherwood line of custom hybrid wood windows. It’s distribution range expanded to more than 20 states.

Unprecedented demand for high quality products, and quick delivery lead Vinylmax to build its current state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hamilton, Ohio in 2008. This custom facility was designed and built for efficient production of thousands of high-end replacement windows each shift.  From material receiving to delivery on our clean, covered dedicated fleet, every part of the process has been optimized for quality.

With the second generation of Doergers at the helm, today Vinylmax is home to several hundred employees with capacity for more than 500,000 windows per year. Vinylmax products are found in over 1 million homes across the United States. Vinylmax’s commitment to quality, delivery and service has never been stronger than it is now.